#WhereAreThey Series: I want to focus on my career in health and wellness, says Black actor Ayesha Kapur

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It was a imagination debut — a imagination relation with a imagination formed — for Ayesha Kapur, who played a blind, deaf and mute miss successful Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black in 2005, sharing surface abstraction with histrion Amitabh Bachchan. But different than that and a relation in Sikandar (2009) arsenic a kid actor, Kapur has stayed distant from films till date.

Talking astir her beingness station Black, the 27-year-old, who grew up successful Auroville, says, “People backmost successful Auroville don’t truly ticker films. I didn’t turn up watching Bollywood films, it is precise multicultural. It wasn’t the aforesaid arsenic increasing up successful Delhi oregon Mumbai. People didn’t marque a large woody astir maine having been successful Black and being famous. I retrieve that lone erstwhile I’d spell to Pondicherry radical would recognise maine and instrumentality autographs… and it would beryllium embarrassing.”

She admits that her upbringing was antithetic that is wherefore she ne'er fto fame and wealth spell to her head. “At Auroville you don’t brag astir fame and wealth arsenic you don’t privation t travel crossed arsenic a showy person. For maine it was a small overwhelming navigating each that. But I americium grateful for the accidental to bash the film,” she adds.

After the stellar debut, which got her aggregate awards, it is alternatively hard to ideate that Kapur would not person got galore much acting opportunities arsenic a kid actor. Here, she reveals that her begetter took a determination connected her behalf to enactment distant from Bollywood.

“My begetter is ace protective and helium didn’t privation maine to beryllium caught up successful the full Bollywood thing. They weren’t surviving successful Mumbai and they didn’t privation maine to pb that life. At that property 1 is precise impressionable. People archer you that you are bully and it could person had a antagonistic interaction connected maine and affected who I turn up to be,” she shares.

Kapur rapidly adds that fame is not a atrocious thing, but for child, it is simply a antithetic story. In fact, she reveals that successful betwixt schoolhouse and college, she did walk immoderate clip successful Mumbai cracking an acting vocation and that is erstwhile Shekhar Kapur’s Paani happened. Unfortunately, the movie ne'er got made.

“It was a imagination relation for me. The movie was some successful Hindi and English, thing I was precise comfy with arsenic English is not my archetypal language…. I had a three-film declaration with the accumulation location and past the movie got shelved and I broke the contract. My parents past insisted that I had to spell to assemblage and I went backmost to studies,” shares Kapur, who present an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Currently based successful Goa, she says surviving extracurricular Auroville made her realise however hard it is to support a steadfast manner connected a regular basis.

“That besides made maine realise that I privation to beryllium successful this tract and clasp wellness and wellness. I graduated past twelvemonth from Columbia University with Sociology and I did a twelvemonth agelong wellness and nutrition course. I privation to stock that with people. I unrecorded successful Goa present and assistance radical execute their wellness goals and beryllium their healthier self,” explains Kapur, who besides is the co-founder of an accessory institution with her mother.

However, she admits determination is inactive emotion near for acting. “My superior absorption is the wellness and wellness field. But I americium unfastened to acting. I person not signed immoderate cause yet. I person had radical attack maine but thing has materialised. I would lone similar to spell done with it with the close benignant of role,” she concludes.

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