Watch: Boy Pranks Girl While She's Hunting For Snacks In The Kitchen

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 Boy Pranks Girl While She's Hunting For Snacks In The Kitchen

An adorable video shows a comic prank played connected a miss by a boy.

Imagine that you're astatine location studying oregon moving successful peace. Suddenly, a dependable comes from the kitchen, sounding arsenic if idiosyncratic is cooking oregon eating something. Would curiosity get the champion of you and marque you spell to the room to cheque retired what's happening? Or would you alternatively disregard the sounds and proceed working? If you're a foodie similar us, you would decidedly spell and cheque retired what's cooking successful the kitchen. This was precisely the prank that a lad played connected a miss who seemed to beryllium a large foodie. In a video that was shared connected Reddit, the lad tried assorted attempts to pique the girl's involvement by making sounds successful the kitchen. Take a look:

The video was shared connected Reddit by idiosyncratic u/icu451 successful the sub-Reddit, r/MadeMeSmile. The station received implicit 13.2k upvotes and hundreds of comments.

In the 55 2nd clip, the lad could beryllium seen making assorted sounds related to food. For instance, the clinking of a spoon with a crockery bowl, opening the fridge, putting eggs successful a sheet oregon simply conscionable filling up immoderate water. All these sounds got the miss to travel moving to the eating country and ask, "What are you eating?" When she recovered retired that helium was having an orangish oregon a boiled egg, she went distant disappointed. "Don't play tricks connected me!" she exclaimed astatine 1 constituent during the video.

Reddit users could subordinate to the miss being pranked with the sounds of cooking and opening snacks. Several foodies took to the comments conception to explicit their reactions to the adorable yet hilarious video.

Take a look astatine the reactions:

This adorable video decidedly brought a grin to our faces! What was your absorption to the video? Tell america successful the comments below.

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