Squid Game Brings in 111 Million Viewers, Becomes Netflix's Biggest Series

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Squid Game — the planetary deed thriller bid from South Korean filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk — is present Netflix's biggest archetypal bid of each time, the streaming work has announced. More than 111 cardinal Netflix households watched Squid Game successful the archetypal 28 days aft its merchandise connected September 17. With that, Squid Game has beaten Regency-era London romanticist play bid Bridgerton's grounds of 82 cardinal viewers backmost successful January — and successful process, go the archetypal Netflix bid to surpass the 100-million people successful the archetypal 4 weeks. Netflix counts watching 2 minutes of immoderate occurrence arsenic a view.

Netflix has often travel nether disapproval for its very-relaxed methodology, particularly with its archetypal bid that tin tally into respective hours. The nine-episode Squid Game play 1 has a full runtime of 8 hours and 12 minutes. This is wherefore Netflix co-CEO and main contented serviceman Ted Sarandos precocious gave america a amended peek down its viewership numbers. It revealed that astir Netflix subscribers were watching the likes of Bridgerton, Money Heist, Stranger Things, and The Witcher close till the extremity — successful immoderate cases, determination was adjacent a spot of repetition viewing.

We don't person that benignant of information for Squid Game yet. The lone information constituent we person extracurricular of the 111 cardinal Netflix members is that the South Korean bid deed fig 1 connected Netflix's regular “Top 10” lists successful 90 countries aft its debut. Bridgerton had done truthful successful 83 markets. This is nary uncertainty helped by the information that Squid Game is offered with subtitles and dubs successful much than 30 languages connected Netflix, helping it grow its scope beyond the markets it mightiness usually get vulnerability in. Squid Game isn't the archetypal though, conscionable the biggest.

Before Squid Game, the Omar Sy-led French enigma thriller Lupin was Netflix's biggest non-English-language archetypal hit, garnering 76 cardinal viewers successful the archetypal 28 days aft merchandise backmost successful January. The deed Spanish thriller bid Money Heist accounts for 2 slots — for Money Heist seasons 3 and 4 — connected Netflix's apical 10 astir fashionable bid by ticker time. (It's been implicit 4 weeks since Money Heist play 5 released, but Netflix has yet to springiness america an equivalent fig for it dissimilar Squid Game). It volition beryllium absorbing to spot wherever Squid Game lands successful presumption of viewing hours.

Squid Game has yet to beryllium renewed for play 2, but that seems each but inevitable astatine this point.

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