Shorshe Ilish : The One Bengali Fish Recipe You Need to Learn

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Hilsa oregon Ilish oregon Tenualosa ilisha is perchance the astir fashionable food from Bengal. Related to the Herring family, the food is not lone consumed successful the Indian subcontinent, but besides extensively consumed successful Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, arsenic good arsenic successful Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain. The texture of the food is alternatively oily, which makes it perfect for some braising and frying. In Bengal, nary portion of the food goes to discarded - the caput often is cooked into a ghonto with Colocasia leaves and stems, the process extremity often ends up successful a tawk oregon awmbol, and the food itself is often conscionable fried till the tegument is crisp and brownish and is often served with the lipid its cooked in, a fewer greenish chillies and blistery rice.

In Aaheli astatine The Peerless Inn, Kolkata, the hilsa mostly is celebrated each done the period of July, each the mode till September, with a specially curated Hilsa festival that features the food successful antithetic avatars. "We brought successful the Dhumrogondho ilish, oregon deboned and smoked hilsa, to those who emotion the food but are acrophobic of the tiny bones successful it," said Debasree Roy Sarkar, President, Corporate Development, Peerless Hotels Ltd. "Ever since we introduced it close astatine the opening of our journey, it was a immense hit, and 27 years down the line, guests inactive emotion it. We besides person a hilsa thaali, wherever we effort to incorporated a afloat acceptable of dishes from the commencement to decorativeness that would each person the food successful immoderate format - whether it's the caput oregon the roe."

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The Question of Sustainability and Hilsa

The past fewer years saw a drastic autumn successful the fig of hilsa successful the rivers of Bengal. Overfishing, and the usage of smaller-mesh nett resulted successful a immense fig of juvenile hilsa being caught, which further resulted successful the drastic simplification of full-sized hilsa successful the catch. But, facing that, galore hotels and restaurants took an progressive determination to not bargain hilsa nether a definite weight. "We similar the Gangetic Hilsa, astatine slightest 1.5 kilo, by weight. Its not cheap, but we cognize its caller and isn't juvenile, and tastes great" noted Debasree. She is among a increasing fig of hoteliers from Bengal who person taken this determination keeping successful caput the consumers arsenic good arsenic the sustainability factor.


Pair this curry with rice.

How to Make Shorshe Ilish

The pungency of freshly crushed mustard seeds pairs beautifully with the soft, buttery fish, and the hint of greenish chillies adhd to the heat. The look made successful the Banerjee household is kept arsenic elemental arsenic possible, but the prime of the ingredients is the cardinal here. Fresh, bully prime hilsa, chopped successful ample chunks, is mildly simmered successful a mustard-laden gravy, past served with steaming blistery rice, preferably a medium-grained one, but not excessively fragrant, due to the fact that that takes distant from the flavours of the hilsa.


750 gm. Hilsa food (cut into 6-7 pieces)

1/2 spoon turmeric powder

1/2 tablespoonful achromatic mustard seeds

1 tablespoonful yellowish mustard seeds

100 ml. mustard lipid + a fewer drops to finish

1/2 spoon nigella seeds

Salt to taste


Soak the mustard seeds successful lukewarm h2o for astatine slightest 1 hour, preferably 2. Strain and marque a paste with 1/4th spoon brackish and 1 ample greenish chilli. The paste should not beryllium runny, truthful its perfect to usage a sil oregon mortar oregon pestle to marque this paste.

Apply brackish and turmeric pulverization connected hilsa fish. Set aside.

Reserve 2 tablespoonful of the mustard oil. Heat the remaining oil. Fry the hilsa connected some sides implicit mean precocious vigor till airy aureate (about 30-35 seconds per side). Remove and enactment them aside.

To the remaining mustard oil, adhd 1 tablespoonful of the fried hilsa oil, and vigor it implicit precocious vigor till the lipid is truly blistery but not smoking. Add the nigella seeds, little the vigor to a simmer, and instantly adhd the mustard paste and 1/4th spoon turmeric, followed by 1 cupful water.

Once the h2o starts boiling, adhd the food and greenish chillies. You tin slit a mates of them to adhd to the heat. Then, adhd brackish to taste. Stir everything up, screen and navigator implicit simmering vigor for 8-10 minutes. Add a fewer drops of earthy mustard oil, past screen and crook disconnected the heat. Let it navigator successful its ain steam for different 5 minutes, past service with blistery rice.

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