Rahul, Azad in same frame sparks buzz of conciliation

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NEW DELHI: The beingness of seasoned Ghulam Nabi Azad successful aggregate frames with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra connected Wednesday — gathering with the President and photograph accumulation connected 1971 War — caught the attraction of Congress leaders.
The Congress Working Committee is acceptable to conscionable connected Saturday to sermon the contiguous governmental situation, coming assembly elections and astir importantly, organisational polls. The CWC gathering comes pursuing a request by Azad, the starring airy of G-23, successful a missive to Congress president Sonia Gandhi precocious that organisational predetermination docket should beryllium discussed urgently by the apical assemblage arsenic besides the authorities of the party. In what was seen arsenic a preview of the letter, Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal held a property league wherever helium lashed retired astatine the Congress affairs and said that cipher knew who was taking decisions successful the enactment successful the lack of a full-time president. Sibal had besides said that G-23, the dissident bloc, would proceed to rise issues. It was followed by protests extracurricular Sibal’s residence by enactment members, which were dubbed arsenic orchestrated by different G-23 leaders. This has raised the hostility betwixt the dissident bloc and loyalists.
While it is felt that the CWC whitethorn spot a face-off betwixt the enactment and G-23, Azad’s beingness with Rahul successful the run-up to the gathering is starring galore to speculate that the brainstorming could beryllium conciliatory arsenic the 2 sides are seen to beryllium successful touch.
Besides interior polls, the CWC is apt beryllium dominated by treatment connected the governmental concern arsenic good arsenic the caller Lakhimpuri Kheri face-off wherever the Gandhi siblings took the pb to country BJP. This whitethorn dilute the G-23 docket successful the wide discussion. It is to beryllium seen if the dissidents property for their request for urgent interior polls, and if the loyalists lash retired astatine G-23 members similar Sibal.

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