India Has Highest Number of Cryptocurrency Owners in the World: Report

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Cryptocurrency's ineligible lasting successful India is uncertain but that hasn't dampened the tone of Indians from investing successful the asset. As per an yearly proliferation scale enactment unneurotic by broker find and examination level BrokerChoose, India has the highest fig of cryptocurrency owners globally successful presumption of an idiosyncratic fig of holders. The United States and Russia were ranked a reasonably distant 2nd and third, respectively. In presumption of fig of crypto owners successful presumption of population, India has the fifth-highest crypto ownership rate, but the country's sheer colonisation blows different countries away.

Based connected the percent of a country's colonisation who are crypto owners, the rankings are led by Ukraine (12.73 percent), Russia (11.91 percent), Kenya (8.52 percent), and the US (8.31 percent), portion stood 5th with 7.3 percent. But since India's colonisation is gargantuan successful examination to the likes of Ukraine and Russia, the 2 nations aren't adjacent remotely adjacent erstwhile we look astatine the full fig of cryptocurrency owners. While India has 10.07 crore cryptocurrency owners, the US has 2.74 crore, portion Russia has 1.74 crore.

The report besides looked astatine cryptocurrency searches crossed nations. Here, the US saw the highest fig of crypto-related searches followed by India, the UK, and Canada.

Recently, Chainalysis published its 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index, which placed India 2nd retired of 154 nations.

The Chainalysis study besides noted the relation of large organization investors successful India who we're cardinal successful driving volumes. Accounting for 42 percent of transactions from India, the study besides precocious revealed that India's crypto manufacture accrued 641 percent, with 59 percent of enactment occurring connected DeFi platforms.

That said, since the federation lacks a legislative model and regulatory requirements for cryptocurrencies are inactive a just spot away, India is inactive acold from realising its imaginable arsenic a powerhouse federation successful the space.

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