How an aggressive China is helping U.S understand India's need for S-400 deal

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Published connected Oct 14, 2021 12:09 AM IST

India is acceptable to person the archetypal batch of S-400 aerial defence systems from Russia by the extremity of 2021. With the proviso of aerial defence systems nearing, determination appears to beryllium a increasing knowing successful the US implicit India’s woody with Russia. US present seems to recognize India’s compulsions for the deal, arsenic per sources. Earlier, determination was a buzz astir imaginable US sanctions connected India implicit the S-400 woody with Russia. US had warned India implicit the deal; US Deputy Secretary of State called the S-400 woody “dangerous”. But present determination is simply a realization successful Washington astir New Delhi’s compulsions for the deal. As per sources, slapping sanctions connected partners specified arsenic India whitethorn not beryllium the champion mode to antagonistic China’s aggression. Watch the afloat video for much details. 

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