BTS: Jimin gets soju shots with Jungkook and J-Hope on his birthday, feels awkward spending time with family. Watch

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BTS: On Wednesday, Jimin hosted a VLive league connected the juncture of his birthday. The vocalist was joined by J-Hope and Jungkook.

BTS members Jungkook, Jimin and J-Hope.  BTS members Jungkook, Jimin and J-Hope. 

Published connected Oct 14, 2021 07:16 AM IST

BTS vocalist Jimin turned a twelvemonth older connected Wednesday. While his chap BTS members took to societal media and shared day wishes for him, Jimin spent a small clip with the ARMY. He was besides concisely joined by J-Hope and Jungkook. 

According to the translation tweeted by Twitter idiosyncratic @doyou__bangtan, during the unrecorded chat, the vocalist revealed helium had plans of having meal with his family. Having spent astir of his teenage and aboriginal 20s beingness successful Seoul, Jimin confessed helium feels awkward spending clip connected his day with his family.

“So portion it makes him consciousness a small awkward to walk his day with his parents, he's incredibly glad. In erstwhile years, he'd lone beryllium capable to person congratulations from his members and/or friends and person a portion erstwhile possible, but to person his parents travel up is truthful special,” the instrumentality relationship tweeted. 

And says if ARMYs person felt similar this helium truly hopes you’ll springiness it a accidental & effort spending much clip w household bc it’s precise nice. He’s realizing it much & much saying he’s not definite if it’s an property happening oregon what but hopes we’ll enslaved w household too

— JIMIN DAY 🥳🎂🎉 (@jiminisatease) October 13, 2021

After chatting a small with the fans, Jimin decided to telephone Jungkook and requested him to articulation his chat. While Jungkook said helium was inactive astatine the gym, helium didn't instrumentality agelong to beryllium by Jimin's side. The duo was past joined by J-Hope. Together, the trio had shots of soju (an alcoholic portion from Korea.) 

Jimin besides said that helium noticed each that the fans did to marque his day peculiar and he's grateful for the love. He besides added that his narration with the fandom has evolved implicit time. 

BTS instrumentality Soo Choi translated, “Jimin said erstwhile helium saw ARMYs earlier helium felt they were similar friends oregon colleagues, similar who could enactment arms astir each other's shoulders. However, arsenic times spell by, the emotion is adjacent deeper truthful helium felt it's much than a person now, it's hard to express.” The vocalist added that helium had to extremity his unrecorded league soon since helium was having meal with his family. 

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In India, a radical of BTS fans raised implicit 1.6 lakhs successful honour of not conscionable Jimin but besides RM and Jungkook's birthdays. The magnitude volition beryllium donated to Habitat for Humanity India, a non-profit organisation that provides affordable shelter, sanitation and lodging facilities for those successful need.

“Every clip we big a donation project, we are overwhelmed by the effect radical show. While we tin ne'er expect the benignant of emotion that is shown for each consecutive project, we are truly assured astir ARMYs and we cognize that radical ever travel guardant to assistance noble causes. We closed the task connected 10th October, and 1.65 lakh has been raised for the cause,” the squad told Hindustan Times. 

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