Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2021: Get Up to 40% Off On Premium Pressure Cooker Brands

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A unit cooker is 1 of the astir commonly utilized cookwares successful Indian households, from atom to dal and to meats, this multi-functional utensil tin assistance you hole an full repast if request be. That's not it, the humble cooker continues to assistance america done our antithetic room experiments since forever. From trying to cook a barroom to utilizing it arsenic a substitute to steaming idlis - nary substance wherever you are successful the country, a unit cooker definite does travel successful useful to everyone. With the festivals close astatine our doorsteps, household dinners and lunches are soon going to beryllium a thing, and erstwhile you person a clump of radical astatine home, you surely don't privation to beryllium juggling betwixt a fig of tiny utensils, erstwhile 1 azygous unit cooker tin bash each the enactment right? So, if festive buying is successful your caput oregon you are conscionable looking for large unit cookers to update your kitchen, Amazon Indian is present to your rescue. A month-long Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale is connected and you tin find immoderate of the champion deals connected unit cookers similar ne'er before! Hurry up, get your hands connected the champion deals until the merchantability lasts!

Amazon Great Indian Festival: 5 Best Pressure Cookers In The Amazon Sale:

1. Prestige Svachh Aluminium Combo cooker:

The prestige aluminium cooker combo comes with 3 cookers of 2 litres, 3 litres and 5-litre capacity. The merchandise besides features a unsocial lid that contains immoderate spillage that mightiness hap during the people of cooking and prevents the messy liquid from dripping down. It has an anti-bulge induction basal that ensures the basal of this unit cooker volition ne'er disfigure oregon bulge, ensuring long-lasting utility. The products person a premium aluminium body, durable handles and are some state and induction compatible.


Price - 2,699

Rating - 4/5(Based connected Amazon)

Colour - Silver

Capacity - 2, 3, 5 litres

41% off

2. Hawkins Classic Pressure Cooker, 1.5 Litre:

The Hawkins classical cooker is made of commercially pure, virgin aluminium, it is reflector polished with a basal matte finish. It features a seal-proof lid that seals from the wrong similar a jetliner door, ensuring greater information and the Inside fitting lid opens lone erstwhile unit falls. It besides has durable stay-cool handles, a shielded information valve and a long-lasting gasket. Pressure is regulated automatically to optimum levels for velocity cooking and it besides has a superior unit regulating strategy that controls unit to a narrower, much businesslike scope for amended and faster cooking.


Price - 929

Rating - 4.2/5 (Based connected Amazon)

Capacity - 1.5 litres

Colour - Silver

6% off

3. Prestige Deluxe Duo Plus Pressure Cooker:

The prestige deluxe duo cooker is an outer lid unit cooker made from virgin aluminium which is hard anodised for long-lasting durability. It besides comes with a stainless alloy outer lid for antithetic usages. Its induction basal is designed for adjacent organisation of heat. What's more, it besides features a built-in information indicator successful the signifier of unit indicators, a information plug and a controlled gasket merchandise system. The handi signifier of the assemblage makes it perfect for cooking a assortment of Indian cuisines.


Price - 1,865

Rating - 4.3/5 (Based connected Amazon)

Colour - Black

Capacity - 2 litres

15% off

4. Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker:

The Hawkins stainless alloy unit cooker assemblage and lid are made from food-grade, non-magnetic, superior stainless steel. It has greater anti-corrosion resistance, and it tin amended withstand the assorted acids recovered successful galore foods. If utilized correctly, this Hawkins stainless alloy unit cooker volition past you a lifetime. On the basal of the unit cooker, determination is simply a halfway of heavy aluminium that has been sandwiched betwixt 2 sheets of stainless steel; this ensures the vigor is dispersed evenly and quickly. The merchandise is some state and induction and compatible.


Price - 2,603

Rating - 4.4/5 (Based connected Amazon)

Colour - Silver

Capacity - 3 litres

6% off

5. Borosil Pronto Induction Base Pressure Cooker:

Borosil Pronto aluminium unit cooker has a heavy basal and is made of pure, virgin aluminium. The cooker has an anti-bulge basal truthful that the bottommost does not get bent retired of shape. The basal transfers vigor uniformly and much rapidly than regular cookers. This efficaciously reduces cooking clip and saves vigor too. The merchandise besides comes with stay-cool handles and a heat-resistant valve headdress and a rubber gasket for further information portion cooking.


Price - 1,649

Colour - Silver

Capacity - 5 litres

17% off

There you person it, drawback these unit cookers portion the seals last.

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