After attacks, J&K to migrant staff: get to work or face action

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The Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir Saturday directed Deputy Commissioners of each 10 districts successful Kashmir to guarantee that migrant employees request not permission the Valley and that “whosoever volition beryllium absent shall beryllium dealt arsenic per Service Rules”.

While a mates of Deputy Commissioners, who did not privation to beryllium named, said they volition hold for a authorities bid earlier acting, the employees who had near the Valley feeling unsafe aft a Sikh schoolhouse main and Kashmiri Hindu teacher were killed past week by terrorists, said the medication was being “insensitive”.

Those who person returned to Jammu are inactive cautious astir getting backmost to enactment successful the Valley, with immoderate deciding to enactment backmost for now. Siddharth Raina (name changed), who had returned to Srinagar successful 2015 with a occupation successful the J&K Education Department nether the Prime Minister’s bundle and returned to Jammu past week, said astir of them are teachers and are conducting online classes for students.

“Employees came to Jammu fearing menace to their lives. Instead of allaying their fears, assuring security, and making indispensable arrangements, the medication threatens them with enactment arsenic per Service Rules,” said an worker who had returned to the Valley successful 2015 aft helium got a occupation nether the Prime Minister’s package.

“The orders whitethorn person been issued with bully intent. But galore of the employees are staying successful their ain rented accommodation successful places successful South Kashmir. It’s not wide however they volition beryllium provided security,” different number subordinate who got employment nether the PM bundle said connected the information of anonymity.

This was 1 among galore issues discussed with each DCs and SPs of the Valley’s districts successful a gathering connected Saturday called by Pandurang Pole, Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir, to reappraisal information arrangements and place authorities accommodation for “protected persons”.

He told those contiguous successful the gathering that the accommodation to the “protected persons” done the Divisional Commissioner’s bureau provided successful 14 Srinagar hotels “be deemed to person been dehired” from October 5.

Further, directions to supply the “protected persons”, the PSOs and guards, accommodation successful the acrophobic district, “be adhered to successful missive and spirit”. Pole did not respond to calls and messages.

A placard reads ‘Where Is My Home’ during a protestation by the Kashmiri Hindu assemblage aft violent activities successful the Kashmir valley, astatine Jantar Mantar successful New Delhi, Saturday, Oct. 9, 2021. (PTI Photo/Kamal Singh)

“The seat (Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir) directed that each the Deputy Commissioners and SSPs (Senior Superintendent of Police) shall guarantee 1 to 1 gathering with the representative/ leaders of each the governmental parties wrong 2-3 days for the redressal of their apprehensions regarding security, accommodation etc. and see their genuine demands,” the minutes of the gathering released connected Tuesday said.

The Divisional Commissioner besides directed that non-migrant number populations — labourers, skilled labourers etc — successful the districts beryllium identified and capable information measures beryllium enactment successful spot for them on with regular interactions. He besides said migrant employees should preferably beryllium posted successful harmless and unafraid zones alternatively of acold flung and susceptible areas for the clip being, according to the minutes.

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