5 Home Remedies To Prevent Vitamin C Deficiency (Recipes Inside)

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Are you idiosyncratic who gets bruised excessively easily? Does your assemblage instrumentality a agelong clip to heal wounds? Do your gums bleed easy if you brushwood excessively hard? If the reply to each these questions is simply a yes, past you whitethorn beryllium having vitamin C deficiency. Also known arsenic scurvy, vitamin C deficiency is simply a uncommon aesculapian information that is caused owed to deficiency of vitamin C intake. The symptoms of vitamin C deficiency similar bruising, bleeding gum, weakness, fatigue, etc whitethorn not beryllium evident astatine archetypal arsenic they tin hap for different aesculapian reasons, truthful it is champion to consult a doc earlier reaching a hypothesis. However, determination are galore ways we tin forestall vitamin C deficiency by pursuing elemental eating habits astatine home. That is wherefore we person recovered immoderate easy disposable fruits and vegetables that you tin adhd to your regular fare to forestall vitamin C deficiency.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Vitamin C Deficiency:

Bleeding Gum And Teeth

Vitamin C deficiency tends to marque your gum tissues anemic and inflamed. Hence adjacent airy unit tin pb to bleeding of the gum. In utmost cases, adjacent teeth tin autumn out.

Slow Healing Of Wounds

Collagen provides spot and operation to the skin. The deficiency of vitamin C tin dilatory down the complaint of collagen formation, making the wounds heal slowly.


Vitamin C deficiency tin marque radical consciousness exhausted. Exhaustion is 1 of the archetypal symptoms that hap successful individuals.

Dry And Wrinkled Skin

As vitamin C is affluent successful collagen, the macromolecule that helps support the tegument healthy, the deficiency of the aforesaid tin pb to the deprivation of the same.


Vitamin C keeps our assemblage healthy.

Health Conditions That May Lead Due To Vitamin C Deficiency:

If vitamin C deficiency is not taken attraction of successful time, past the effect tin is dire. Here are the aesculapian conditions:

  • Anaemia - the deficiency of reddish humor cells
  • Myalgia - aggravated symptom successful the muscles
  • Oedema - swelling caused by fluid trapping successful your legs
  • Periodontitis - corruption of the gum that destroys the bones that enactment teeth
  • Petechiae - brownish spots that pb to bleeding

5 Home Remedies To Prevent Vitamin C Deficiency:

Citrus Fruit

Dr Rupali Datta, Delhi-based nutritionist says "Accordin to National Institute of Nutrition, our assemblage requires 40 mg of vitamin C each day. vitamin C is large for immunity and indispensable for steadfast collagen formation-framework of our tegument and bones."


Papaya is affluent successful antioxidant nutrients similar carotenes, flavonoids and vitamin C. Papaya is champion enjoyed caller successful the signifier of a crockery oregon a juice. According to the publication "Healing Foods" by DK Publishing, papaya is besides known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Click present for a papaya look you tin easy navigator astatine home.


Tomatoes are affluent successful vitamin C.


Tomatoes are a bully root of vitamin A and vitamin C. And these 2 components assistance the assemblage to get escaped of harmful escaped radicals successful our blood. To sorb vitamin C into the system, they request to beryllium eaten, that is wherefore we see tomatoes successful our regular cooking.


Strawberries are not lone affluent successful antioxidants but are besides a bully root of vitamin C. The vitamin C contented of a strawberry is somewhat much than an orange. You tin adhd strawberries to your fare done shakes and smoothies.


Broccoli besides has a bully quantity of Vitamin C, 100 grams of broccoli has arsenic overmuch arsenic 89 grams of Vitamin C! According to Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr Anju Sood "(Broccoli) The debased calorie rootlike is simply a storehouse of antioxidants indispensable minerals."

If you find these methods helpful, bash archer america successful the comments section.

Disclaimer: This contented including proposal provides generic accusation only. It is successful nary mode a substitute for qualified aesculapian opinion. Always consult a specializer oregon your ain doc for much information. NDTV does not assertion work for this information.

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